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Discord Screen Share Black Screen Problem Solved!

Posted by support on 10th November 2021

To get maximum available memory when it has slowly increased over time causing your laptop to become vary slow over time, this has helped me. It only has one gig of ram but is only really used to surf the web so its not a spped demon by any means but the program did speed things up a bit. If you’re a gamer on an old gaming PC, said system should still run the same games you bought it to play back then . If you could run BioShock Infinite at 60fps on your current computer in 2013 you should be capable of running it today. That’s all for how to fix Windows 7 system issues. If you have any other solutions to fix slow PC performance, please share with others users at the comment area.

  • Now click on the camera option and have your selected portion into the Snagit view area.
  • Restart your PC to check if the blank screen issue has been resolved or not.
  • For a more advanced app, its pro version is worth trying for its really powerful functions illustrated above.
  • SlimDrivers is another driver management utility, which combines the bright, simple, easy-to-understand interface with powerful scanning technology.
  • Intrigued, Hovland wondered if his driver, which was an inch longer than Lee’s, would deliver more ball speed, so he offered his Ping G-425 to Lee.

Launch the game and try to use restore button again. If that doesn’t work, log out of your Apple ID, then restart the iPhone/iPad, turn it back on and then sign back in with your apple id. You need to re-download the installer with the new version and install it on your PC / Mac. Check the email address you used to buy the game. There should be an email from Humble Bundle with a link. As first step, go to the buy page to purchase the game with either Paypal, Amazon or your Credit Card.

Discord Black Screen: Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Nice for all suggestion s above but what can we do if we cant migrade disk and we have 4 ram . Its so stupid still in myu country sale 4ram laptops and google desided to be a platform eating everything how not be slow . Make them give us back the light browser we loved all that years . And the ycan keep this mansters for thsoe who need them , organizations and offices . This will clear all the existing cache data and storage memory of your local chrome browser.

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After you saved the changes, you can share screen of a game or even Netflix. Once you noticed that that share screen discord in black disappears the next time you share a screen over discord. In the Discord desktop app, select the settings cog icon, shown next to your username in the bottom left corner. Hardware acceleration uses the power of your graphics card to help handle the load of certain CPU-intensive applications. Discord uses it to help balance your PC’s system resources for certain tasks, such as screen sharing. To disable this feature and return to the legacy technology, open the Discord app on your Windows PC and sign in.

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